Exclude one person from a list while sending

I’ve got an event in our app and I’ve already set up a list via courier app.event.$eventId.participants.

Now I want to send a notification to the list, but I want to exclude one of the participants.

One of the participants sends a message regarding the event, which I want to send to all participants. But I don’t want to send the notification to the author of the message.

Can this be achieved with lists, or do I need to switch to bulk sending?

Hi,you could send the authorId in the data payload of the request and then add a notification level conditional that filters out the message if the userId is the authorId.

Awesome, thanks for the help @riley

Two quick question though:

  1. How do i compare against the profile? As I only can select data & profile on the left side.
    Would this code work?

  2. How do I get the id (aka recipient_id) of a profile?

you can access the root of the data object by doing {$.profile.userId}