Is there a way to connect template to a list or an audience and not include template in send api call?

I’ve been wandering if I can create a list (or an audience) of users (essentially, group users by some factor, in my case it’s a role in the company) and then link some template to this group and when I need to trigger a notification I’d specify only a list or an audience ID and data payload?
I’ve already tried grouping users using audience and it works, sending notifications to an audience also works. But I want to be able to fire a notification to some audienceId without knowing what template to user beforehand.

Hey @bogdan :wave: - thanks for reaching out.

You can create an audience trigger and link it to an automation which can then send a notification to anyone who joins your audience. This will still invoke a send request and attach the notification template_id to the send request. I’m curious about your use case. Is there a reason why you don’t want to include the template in the request?

In my case I want to trigger some event and send only some payload data. I’ve achieved this with automation, it’s pretty dope tool!

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