How to remove manually created user from list

I have manually created some user profiles in the courier users page: Courier

I have also created a list and added some of these users to the list I created.

I can delete the list and I can also delete the user, but I cannot figure out how to delete the user from the list (not delete the user entirely).

How can I do this?

Hi there @keeon :wave:

You want to delete a subscription to a list by recipient_id and list_id.

Or you can remove a recipient from all lists

Thanks -

@rodrigo are you suggesting that while I can manually add users to a list through the UI have to use the API if I want to remove a user O_o ?

Hi there,

Short answer, yes. Our DELETE methods for profiles and unsubscribing users from a list are reserved for the API. This prevents any deletion that could also accidentally happen from the UI. You’ll notice that recipient profiles cannot be deleted from the UI as well unless you make an API request to the /profiles endpoint.

I can understand perhaps deleting a user entirely - but the fact I can add a user to a list within the UI but not remove them from the list just seems like a missing component rather than a feature. A confirmation dialogue could resolve accidentally deleting the user from the list.

Also @rodrigo I’m noticing the UI allows deletion of an Audience group, however the deletion doesn’t actually remove the audience.

You’re not wrong about your first point @keeon - I’ve created a feature request for having deleting mechanisms in-app for profiles and lists.

For the second point, I think the delete function for audiences is a bit laggy but able to deleted if you try to delete a second time. Opened an investigation ticket for looking into it. Thanks for pointing that out!