Critical -- Gmail integration is bugged

Gmail Integration is totally bugged, I can’t authorize a gmail account using Courier.

It gives me an error:

The Gmail integrate page is also bugged, since it does not allow me to add a gmail account. It goes through the whole process of authorizing Courier for sending emails but then I cannot see it on the connected accounts

Note also that I cannot see Courier on the concerned Gmail account’s third party access apps.

See here my integration page.

This is after I have completed the process of authorizing Courier with my gmail account (also checking the “Send emails on my behalf”). I cannot see Courier in my Google Account third party apps either

Hi @osama thanks for reaching out!

Would you be so kind to provide some more details on this error? Some follow up questions:

  • Are you sending these messages from the test environment?
  • Are you providing any overrides for sending through the Gmail API?
  • Does Courier have permission to send messages on your behalf from Google in the admin console?
  • What is the name of your workspace?

For what it’s worth, I tried reproducing this and I’m not getting any issues with Gmail. Please see below:

Please let us know! Thank you.

Hi @rodrigo thanks for the quick reply!

  1. No, I am using my live environment
  2. Nope, just simple Gmail integration
  3. No, Courier does not show on the admin console. Perhaps this is because Courier does not show the authorized gmail account as in the screenshot I shared in my original message?
  4. PermitFlow

Hey @osama,

I have some follow ups from testing around in your workspace.

I noticed that your integration page for gmail is technically ‘integrated’, but does not have an email tied to it.

This could potentially be a bug from our end with the ‘save’ and ‘integrate’ buttons. If you don’t mind, could you try doing this:

  • Delete gmail integration from Courier
  • Delete any permissions given to Courier from the Google admin console (if present)
  • Sign out and back into Courier
  • Integrate Gmail as a provider, but do not hit integrate or save. Once you click sign in with Google and you see the ‘authorized Gmail Inbox’ form populated with your email, navigate to a different page without saving or integrating.

Let me know if this persists in any way and we can schedule a call to go through this.

As a side note, Gmail has some limitations with rate limiting, so please be mindful that if you intend to increase your send volume, you may need to integrate a different provider.