How to add Email Attachments through Gmail Provider


I am trying to add some attachments (multiple) into a message I’m generating.

After creating a client through:

client = Courier(auth_token="<TOKEN">)

I’ve tried functions of client.send(...) and client.send_message(...) without success.

I tried to use the override arg in client.send() (which supports the override arg) but it appears unsupported with my gmail integration according to the docs here: Send Email Notifications via Gmail | Courier Docs

What is the suggested solution to utilize the integration I have? I have no problem generating messages but I need to include some attachments, which will be generated in a process being read from memory.


Hi @keeon,

The gmail provider does not currently accept override attachments. We have a list of other email providers that permit sending attachments in the provider override, like SendGrid for example.

Gmail integration is best for small scale sending and testing.