Any way to send using Outlook/Exchange account?

Since Microsoft nuked the possibility to send through SMTP, we have resorted to using other channels to send our system-generated emails. As a consequence, we get stuck in spam filters far more often. Are there any good options if I want to use our own Exchange service, directly or indirectly, as a channel in Courier?

Hi there @johan.hedlund :wave: - Courier has an SMTP integration that you can directly use as an email channel. You can also override any transport configuration directly through an override schema in the /send request you invoke.

Hi there @rodrigo, unfortunately Microsoft has deprecated the possibility to send via SMTP and ordinary authorization with TLS. Instead, OAuth2 has to be used but I can’t see that it is supported by the SMTP-integration. Am I missing something?

The SMTP /send call can be modified with an override in the SMTP transport which will accept OAuth2.