Transacting with Courier without PII

We’re looking at Courier as a tool to help deliver notifications to users. However we have a strong requirement to not transact any PII with servers outside of the user’s region e.g. service sends notification to EU user but PII cannot reside on US server (this assumes Courier only has US region available).
Is there a pattern for delivering users notifications using non PII ID (generated by our service)?
Additionally, if we’re looking to deliver emails using Courier is there a way to not pass the email address to Courier and resolve the email address from an internal ID closer to the email delivery side e.g. delivery provider that is EU based?

Hi @rob.calcroft :wave: - Currently, there isn’t a workaround for this since some PII will be stored in Courier’s notification logs after making a request. Even if you use a data platform like Segment to trigger a notification from automation, for example, the PII will be available in the logs. The standard log retention for free and developer-tier accounts is 30 days. We are currently working on providing EU data residency that will be available for Courier Business customers.

Ok awesome thank you for the confirmation @rodrigo !

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Thank you for providing this link Segment to trigger a notification from automation GPT