Taxonomy error in Push Channel

We suddenly started getting this error in production and cannot figure out why

  "channel": {
    "id": "5eec39fa-8810-4495-98fd-27dc81f8de26",
    "label": "",
    "taxonomy": "push:*"
  "configuration": "718076c5-0a89-494e-9a5e-52f0c308a09e",
  "provider": "courier",
  "providerResponse": {},
  "errorMessage": "TypeError: Cannot read property 'taxonomy' of undefined"

After experimenting, it seems if we add the the USER_ID to the actual id below, the notification is received. The docs are a little confusing here, as we’re using this as a part of an AdHocAutomation.

profile: {
	courier: {
		channel: "USER_ID",

However, even when the Courier Push is received, the React Inbox component does not display the notification, but the unread indicator does show up.

Hello Sherri,

Thanks for reaching out! You’re right, in order for the notification to be received, it’s important to have the “USER_ID” in the profile.

As for the Courier Inbox, CourierProvider, and Toast components, our team has recently pushed updated versions of these packages (1.13.2). We had an issue where courier-inbox was not properly rendering/persisting messages if notifications via Courier Push had empty bodies. Even future push messages with content were not rendered because of the log of empty messages one sent before would throw the error.

I suggest updating your packages to 1.13.2 in your package.json and then run yarn add/npm i from the root of the project.

Thanks again for reaching out Sherri!