Getting error invalid brandID in react native courier provider

I am trying to set up a react native project using the Courier provider and I have followed all steps mentioned in the example provided on Github. But every time I run the application I get this error.
{"err": [Error: Invalid brand value]}

You can here My configurations:

How to resolve this issue?

Thanks for this bug report, I dug into this a bit and there are a couple of issues on our side that I think we need to fix to get this to work better out of the box.

In the meantime, the fastest way to resolve this issue is to do the following:

  1. Go to the brand designer and select the In App Tab
  2. Set a hex color value for Top Color
  3. Set a hex color value for Bottom Color
  4. Change the hex color value for Text color
  5. Click Publish Changes

If you reload your app, the Inbox should start working.

Thanks, it worked. However, I am still unable to receive a push notification when I send it from What are the steps should I take to implement notification logic in my react-native app.