Notification preferences react integration

Hi I am wondering if you guys have any react components for notification preferences that I am not aware of, I already checked your react integration GitHub (GitHub - trycourier/courier-react) or do you have any recommendations on how we go about implementing notification preferences?

Hey @kevindaniel we have a new Preferences Center coming soon that sounds like what you’re looking for (including an embeddable React component). Stay tuned for more information there.

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Hi @troy, this is exactly what im looking for thanks! I know its in beta and its hard to gauge how long these things take to launch, but is there an expected date you can give me or should we manually hit your preferences api and create our own component for it?

The team working on this is reaching out to you via email to follow-up and see if we can get you early access.

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Thanks a lot, much appreciated and excited to keep on using you guys!