Status of @trycourier/react-preferences?

Hi, I have a couple of users who unsubscribed from a notification (myself included, long story) and I’m looking at how we would enable users to control their preferences. Trawling github I see @trycourier/react-preferences but not much in the way of documentation or examples showing it being used. Is this a package that I should consider picking up and using?

Hey @chris.tierney :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and for waiting!

Courier has a Preferences API which allows for notifications to be disabled per recipient. Users can also use the preferences API to update/create a set of preferences per recipient.

The React package you sent is still under construction for some new features we’re rolling out, so stay tuned! :smile:

Awesome. Thanks for the information Rodrigo!

Another (related) question. We are not yet integrated with the preferences API. If I want to make a one-off correction to the preferences of a couple of users - is there somewhere in the courier dashboard/UI that I can do that? If not, I will use curl to make a couple of requests…

It’s my pleasure @chris.tierney!

In order to make updates to your recipients’ preferences you want to make a PUT request if the preference already exists. This cannot be done through the UI currently.