JavaScript Web SDK for Inbox


I’m trying to use the Javascript Web SDK for the Courier Inbox.
I have the integration to Courier setup, I can load the inbox on my site, but I cannot retrieve any messages for the user Id I specify.

In the documentation for the React SDK it mentions that authentication is ‘needed to view inbox messages that belong to a user’ but the Javascript Web SDK documentation doesn’t include anything about authentication. So I have updated the Courier Integration to enable JWT Authentication and I can generate the token for my user fine through auth/issue-token/ but not sure where it needs to go.

    window.courierConfig = {
      clientKey: "{{CLIENT_KEY}}",
      userId: "{{USER_ID}}",

I have tried adding a property ‘authorization’ and ‘authentication’ for the token into the courierConfig without any luck.

Is there an example implementation with the Javascript Web SDK somewhere, or some more documentation?