How to set the message Icon for Inbox notifications

I’ve set up the courier inbox as a channel and can successfully send message.
But I’m still unable to figure out how I can set the icon for the message, that appears within the inbox or within the toast, while sending the api call to the courier api.

I’m using the send method from the CourierClient via the “@trycourier/courier” npm package.

Hey @joinridecc :wave: - You can set the icon image in your default brand inside the inbox tab.

Hey @rodrigo, Thanks for the reply.
I’m aware for the default Icon. But I would like to show a different icon depending on the message.

Within the github repo there is a screenshot with two different icons. I’m not sure it this is just because one is pinned and the other is not:

Also within the source code I’ve found this:

Where it states, that the first priority is the attribute within the message.

But I could not get this to work.

ping, anyone has any idea?

We’ve added a new feature where you can update the icon inside the Courier Push Channel. You can use a variable inside to make it dynamic as well.