Does React-native-inbox screen updates notifications in real-time?


I have set up the react native app using these instructions. But when I run the application, after the initial loading of notifications and their count, neither the notification count nor the notification list gets updated when I send a new notification from send API unless I reload the application or change the screen and get back to the notification screen.

So coming back to the question, does the react-native-inbox library provides real-time updates when someone sends the notification? or do we have to again fetch the notifications to get the updated list?

Hi @malikabdulazizakbar ,

You can take a look at a sample demo app with Courier Inbox. When you send a notification to the inbox component it will render inside the Unread and All Messages tabs. Our React-Native SDK is still fairly new, so some features like Toast might not be readily available for real-time notifications.

Now when making your request to Courier Inbox, may I ask what you’re including in the profile body of your request?


So basically, I receive the notifications when I start the application (As shown in image) but after this when I send new notification the count does not get updated and also the new notification does not renders in the screen. And I have to restart the application to receive the new notification

@rodrigo kindly help me with this.