Overide channel priority

I’m building my own notification preference settings. I’d like to know how to override sending to a specific channel ignoring the “send to best of” configured in the designer.

The docs here are confusing because it says set method as “single” but then has “all” in the code example so I’m having doubts How To Configure Multi-Channel Routing | Courier Docs

Can I do:

routing: {
  method: "single",
  channels: ["push"],

when my notification looks like this

I’ll only be using the “routing” object when the user has a preference, otherwise I’d like it continue using the Courier designer channels order shown in the screenshot.

This seems to work, would be good to get official confirmation it’s the way to do it, and/or updated help docs

Hi Alex, The routing strategy in the UI for best of would translate as single for the API invocation. Always send = all. The way best of routing works is Courier will send to the first configured channel in your notification and waterfall down to each channel if the profile information in the request is incomplete. You can override the strategy via the API, otherwise if you pass the template_id, Courier will respect the strategy you set in the UI.