Why Are We Okay with Notification Interruptions from Slack?

New Blogpost by Melissa Brodsky

The daily bombardment of alerts dinging, beeping, and ringing from all those applications we use is enough to drive someone completely crazy. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, we allow ourselves to be interrupted by Slack in a way we wouldn’t from any other platform.

Even though it seems completely counterintuitive, and despite the sheer amount of daily notifications (because we still can get a bunch of notifications from Slack alone), we love and use Slack—a lot. It’s no wonder it’s the most popular platform, completely dominating the internal communications space.

The company has taken a holistic approach to its overall user experience and has created a product that delivers notifications that fit seamlessly into our lives. They’ve made it easy to set up, work, collaborate, and communicate all in one place. The onus tends to fall on SaaS product managers to build great user experiences for their customers. A major component of an app’s UX is excellent communication that users can customize based on their own preferences and toolsets. Slack is one app that does this extremely well and PMs can learn a lot from its many integrations and malleable notification preferences.