Welcome: please introduce yourself!

We’re glad you’re here. Can you tell us a little about yourself? We know introductions aren’t always easy so here are a few questions to get the creative juices flowing.

  • What programming languages and frameworks do you use?
  • Do you have any Courier projects that we can check out?
  • What Courier SDKs are you using?
  • Where else are you on the Internet?
  • What do you do in your non-programming time?

Post a reply below! :pencil:

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Hi! :wave: I’m Troy, the founder of Courier.

I’m a developer myself and have been very active in the node.js ecosystem since the start (I’m the author of the cors module, and on the Express core team). I’ve also led engineering & product teams/departments in the past, including for Eloqua – a leading email marketing automation company.

I started Courier because I found myself and my teams repeatedly building the same notification infrastructure over-and-over again, the notification landscape keeps growing increasingly complex in light of new channels and regulatory requirements, and because I feel passionate about empowering non-engineers to be able to take ownership over the content, branding, and rules around notifications.

I’m always excited to connect with developers and product managers to hear about their existing notification stack and/or to hear their feedback – positive or negative! – as they try Courier!

Hi, I’m Nate, Head of Customer Success here at Courier :grinning:!

Before joining Courier I founded or helped build Customer Success teams at Clearbit, Contentful and Intercom in the early stages of those companies. Before moving into the technology world, I was a High School History teacher :books:.

I’d love to hear from you about the types of resources, documentation, events, support and content you’d like to see us building for you to help you get started fast and be successful long term.

Thanks for joining the Courier community!

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Hi Everyone! I’m Aman, I run Business Operations at Courier.

Once upon a time, I was a developer, but I moved to the dark side when I became an investor at a fund called Bessemer. I worked with a lot of great technology startups during my years investing, but when we invested in Courier, I wanted to be a part of the journey!

I’m really excited about user engagement and how to leverage notifications to help users get the most value out of a product (importantly, without getting annoyed!). Always open to chatting about Courier, notifications, and anything else related to tech!

Hey! My name is Edwin Kay, I’m the Lead Designer at Courier.

I love taking complex problems and bring them down to their simplest form. Love feedback (bring it on!) and I’m always looking for ways to make the app better. Feel free to reach out with any comments or thoughts. In my spare time I read, write, teach, practice design, hike or bike, and honestly just relax a bit.

Looking forward to seeing where we all take Courier together!

Hi yall, I’m Riley, and I’ve been at Courier almost exactly one year! Enough about me already, here is a picture of my dog Blu :blue_heart:

She’s much cooler than me, she love baby carrots :carrot: and fist bumps :fist_right: :fist_left:. When we had an office (thanks Covid), she’s here most of the time… so say hi!!!

Ok, I suppose I should actually write about myself too? I got into web development at an e-commerce platform fixing css bugs and hacking jquery to fill in holes in our product offering. This led me to Node.js with Heroku, then to AWS Lambda with Serverless (v0.51!!), and finally into React, static site generation and contributing to open source projects. Before the company ran out of money I was leading a project to rebuild our frontend from Angular 1.4 to React/Redux.

When Troy approached me and said he was building with all of these technologies that I fell in love with, I knew it was going to be a fun and challenging role. I had never worked with these technologies in production and I’ve learned so much by doing so. And that brings us to today! I hope you love working with Courier, I’ve put so much love into working on this app with this incredible team and I’m super excited to see how it evolves.

And we couldn’t do it without all the great feedback from customers like you! Please don’t be shy and say hi. Let us know what you like and what you don’t :).

Riley and Blu

Hello, I’m Tony. I started at Courier the day Mayor Breed announced we would be under lockdown in San Francisco :joy_cat: so that means I’ve been here for almost four months? Five months? It’s been a blur so far!

I’m part of engineering at Courier. Previously, I grew with a startup doing a mix of engineering and managing other engineers over a span of five years. Here, I’m excited to be part of a small team again and seeing the potential to make something great with talented and cool people.

At Courier, I’ve gotten into the entire stack from React down to the AWS ecosystem. During that time, I’ve come to understand the various integrations we have better, and what it takes to ensure our customers’ messages go from ideation to delivered in their recipients’ laps, er laptops. I hope to have good dialog here where we can learn from each other. :heart:

Hi! I’m Danny and I work on the Engineering team @ Courier.

These days I mainly write full-stack JavaScript, however have experience with static and dynamic languages over my career. I’ve spent the last 6+ years in San Francisco working in startups in both hands-on and leadership roles. One of the consistently rewarding experiences across those roles has been connecting with people using the products I help build. I’m very excited to continue that journey with folks that use or wants to learn about Courier as we move forward!

My wife and I currently reside in San Francisco with our pup Bauer. We love exploring the SF Bay Area for hikes, gorgeous bay area vistas, and various outdoor adventures. Otherwise, you are likely to find me working on a house project or my golf game – both of which keeps me plenty busy. Other interests include: :ice_hockey: :tennis: :motorcycle: :beach_umbrella: :taco:

Looking forward to all of the feedback, questions, and conversations with the Courier community! :wave:

Hi All! I’m Colin, and I do business development here at Courier.

In the past, I’ve sold everything from on-prem high-security speech recognition software to site-reliability-engineering SaaS to facial-recognition cat-feeders.

In my spare time, I play a fair bit of Chess, practice Ashtanga yoga six days a week and care for an eight year old poodle named Lexi.

Hey everyone! I’m Seth, CTO here at Courier. :wave:

Before joining Courier, I led Engineering teams at Eloqua and Oracle. I’ve also been an active member the node.js community for the last ten years or so after cutting my teeth on static languages.

Really, I just love building software. It’s really exciting to (finally) be able to work on a product that is API first and built for other engineers while still making it effortless for a non-engineer to connect with their customers.

I can’t wait to see what we’re able to create together!

Hey y’all. I’m Aydrian, Developer Advocate here at Courier. You’ll probably see me a lot on this forum or streaming on Twitch for Courier Live or on my own channel. I’ve been working in Developer Relation for over 5 years. I enjoy mentoring at hackathons and building small JavaScript and Python apps.

Unlike most of my coworkers, I live on the East Coast. I live in Manhattan with my grumpy old man pug, Oliver. I’m originally from Indiana (Hoosier in the big city) and recently celebrated 5 years living in New York. I enjoy movies and theatre, traveling, and spending time with my niblings (3 nieces and 2 nephews).

I look forward to meeting all of you both online and in person someday.

:wave: Hi, I’m Courtney, and I oversee marketing at Courier.

Prior to joining Courier, I was a word nerd – also known as a content marketer :smile: – at Intercom, DocSend, and Getaround. Now I spend my time working on a lot of different parts of marketing, from messaging and branding to (virtual) events and content. It’s really all to do one thing: help more people discover Courier!

In my free time, you’ll find me hanging out in my local park with a book and a feast’s worth of snacks. Well, that and buying way too many plants for my tiny San Francisco apartment. :upside_down_face:

Looking forward to meeting all of you!