Using properties from Rudderstack events

I’m trying to configure an automation to send an email based on an incoming Rudderstack event. I am able to receive those events from Rudderstack and kick off an automation, but I am not able to access any of the properties from the event when generating the notification content. I verified in the Rudderstack event monitor that the properties are in fact present, but when I look at the automation logs in Courier, the data field is showing up as null. Based on the documentation it looks like JSON event properties should be copied over from Segment events, but it doesn’t look like the same thing is happening for events coming from Rudderstack.

Has anybody been able to access properties from these events before?

Hi @brendon :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and for calling out our docs here. We have an example for accessing properties from Rudderstack now. Thanks for keeping us honest with our docs!