Using profile data in message body

I want to include user data in message bodies.

Lets say my user profile has been loaded as

  "firstName": "Byron123"

when I attempt to send a message with a body of

 "subject": "Hi {profile.firstName}",
  "text": "Hey {profile.firstName}",

it resolves to the following - (the profile attributes do not get resolved within the message body)

 "subject": "Hi Byron123",
  "text": "Hey {profile.firstName}",

Is there something that I’m missing?

Hi @byrondaniels :wave: - Where are you including these variables? inside a content block, or inside handlebars?

Thanks for your reply Rodrigo!

I successfully got the variable injected with handlebars. The content block seems to have inconsistent behavior but I ended up getting that working as well. It seems to be a bug related to the text block but its challenging for me to reproduce consistently.

anyways, thanks for the useful links and help

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