Unity integration - HTTP 400 Error

Hi, I’m trying to use some of the data from this blog post/video on integrating Courier with Unity:

I’ve modified the request (since I only have one piece of data to send), but I keep getting an HTTP 400 error.

    private IEnumerator SendNotification()
        WWWForm form = new WWWForm();
        form.AddField("event", EVENT_ID);      
        form.AddField("data", "{\"RoomCode\":" + roomCode + "\"}");  
        form.AddField("profile", "{\"email\":\"" + setHost.hostInviteEmail + "\"}"); 
        //setHost.hostInviteEmail is the email address input by the host to send to the client
        using (UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequest.Post("https://api.courier.com/send", form))
            www.SetRequestHeader("Authorization", "Bearer " + AUTH_KEY);
            yield return www.SendWebRequest();

            if (www.result != UnityWebRequest.Result.Success)
                Debug.Log("Form upload complete!");

The Auth Key and Event IDs are set elsewhere in the script.

I’m sure it’s some issue with parsing the webrequest.

Hey there! Do you mind sharing your workspace name? Do you see anything in the error log (either the script or on app.courier.com data logs?

Nothing appears in the Courier app since the request never gets there in the first place.

On the Unity end, it fails, and reports the Error Code, which is HTTP 400 - Bad Request.