SMTP - Getting Error: "EmailParseError: Invalid Email"

I configured my email channel using SMTP and whenever I’m trying to trigger an alert I’m always getting the same error : EmailParseError: Invalid Email.

I even tried to override the transport as it said in the documentation and I sent the following payload using Postman :

  "message": {
    "template": "VFDJ0HGB9H4G1HQJW3540Q8VFY6T",
    "to": {
      "email": ""
    "providers": {
      "smtp": {
        "override": {
          "config": {
            "auth": {
              "user": "username",
              "pass": "mypassword"
            "host": "",
            "port": 587

I tried different email addresses and different usernames and it’s the same result.

Hi @dlevy,

After going through your SMTP configuration I can see that you have a misconfiguration with the ‘From Address’. This needs to have a valid email address and thus why you’re getting those errors.

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Thanks !
Just realized I didn’t write the full address in the From Address field.