Set the outer width

In the desktop Outlook, the width of the email is full but on the gmail, it is fine. Is there any way to set the outer width without using the handlebars?

Hi there!

Rodrigo here, a Product Support Engineer at Courier.

Thanks for your patience! After reviewing this with one of our engineers Riley, they tested within the designer and it looks to be the content of the email is wider than the width of the container, therefore getting pushed to be wider. Outlook is unfortunately limited in this aspect and causing this issue.

Thanks again for your patience and for bringing this up. Please let us know if you have further questions!


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We are having a very similar problem where in Outlook desktop buttons are getting pushed to the right even though they are centred in the designer and our branding is set with a width of 600px.

Is there a fix for this where we can force the width of the email to be 600px?