Polling error on sendgrid requests?

Seeing this on all logs for sendgrid-bound messages:

“errors”: [
“message”: “authorization required”
“errorMessage”: “SG returned 400 when checking for the message’s activity. Configuration 7e0f447d-1dda-40ad-be0c-2d634cdd9cf4 has checkDeliveryStatus set to false.”,
“provider”: “sendgrid”,
“retryCount”: 0,
“willRetry”: false,
“source”: “polling”

I think emails are going out, but we have seen some folks complain about emails not coming through correctly, though that’s not constantly the case. Are these issues related, is this a false alarm? Just curious about what’s going on here.

Hey @jacob :wave:

The polling error you see returned from SendGrid is unrelated to any delivery issues.

This Polling Error can occur if your SG account still needs SG’s Email activity feed feature purchased. Disabling the polling toggle from the SendGrid integration settings will also eliminate the error.

For better insight into delivery errors, you can see the providerResponse from SendGrid in the message logs.