List and image block in the designer view are not sent in the actual slack notification

I am trying out courier from the console without APIs. Everything from UI.

  • I have created a notification with a text, list, image and divider (Image1)

  • Published my change

  • The preview shows this (image2)
    Note the list items are not part of the json

  • Sent the test notification to my configure channel. It did not went through. Error says failed to download image. Although i have uploaded it while designing.

  • I went back and deleted the image block (image3)

  • Published my message and sent the notification
    Here is how it looks.Please note that the list items are omitted from the JSON and hence not sent (image3,image4)

I am unable to figure out if i am doing anything wrong in terms of usage. Any help will be appreciated.

Hey there @ayeshakhaliqrana,

Thanks for reaching out!

I managed to quickly reproduce a sample template for you. In order to create an unordered list you should use a markdown block in the template designer. You can then also verify what your template will look like in Slack by clicking on the 'View in Slack Block Kit Builder" button in the Preview tab.

If your image is failing to load you can include a path in lieu of uploading an image.


The List Block requires a “path” to the array that it will iterate over. Did your list block have “path” configured and it was also populated in the Test Event and send payload?

Thanks a lot for the prompt response.
Yes i was able to make it work using markdown.

Can you please elaborate more on this.
If your image is failing to load you can include a path in lieu of uploading an image.
If i provide the path then where should the image be hosted/stored. Can i store it in courier or will be somewhere else like for e.g s3 bucket.

Thanks for the response.
So I have created a list by manually dragging dropping from the designer view. And it got omitted in the test event. Do we have to updated something more after manual drag-drop?


You can host it and use that link for your image, or resize the image.