How LGBTQ+ Diversity Builds Better Companies

New Blogpost by Nathalia Sandoval

In my first interview with Courier, when my now-boss was telling me about the company, he stopped and said, “I see your display name is not the same as the name on your application. Are there any other pronouns that I should be using?” It was a small gesture, but it made an impact on me. The moment hinted at a company culture built around treating people with respect and appreciating authenticity. Courier is still a very small company building the foundation of a diverse team, but even as we grow, I’m confident that this will remain a priority for us in the future.

Encouraging employees to be their true selves in big and little ways is important because it’s the right thing to do—it also happens to be the best way to recruit a diverse team of employees. And increasing diversity improves many facets of an organization: Productivity, profits, employee retention, and even the ability to navigate conflict.

In honor of Pride month, let’s talk about the power of diversity and how tech companies should improve inclusion in their organizations.