Facing InvalidProviderToken error in Push notifications in iOS

Hey, My push notifications were working all fine on both iOS and android. But suddenly I started getting following error

Can you please help me understand what could be the issue?

I have two workspaces. One for my personal use, other for my official react native app. I switched the workspace from official to personal one and my push notifications starting working fine. But if I switch back to my official workspace, I face the same issue.

Apparently all my configurations regarding courier are fine. As same push notifications are working on one workspace but not on the other one.
Is there issue with the cache of any workspace?

Hey, @zuhasohail18 - Can you share which workspace this is in relation to? Is the invalidProviderToken coming from Courier or a providerResponse object?

@zuhasohail18 Mobile engineer here:

Things to try:

  1. Are you sure your push providers are configured correctly in the Courier Studio?

Links to the providers:

  1. Are you sure your SDK setup is correct?

Link to React Native setup documentation: GitHub - trycourier/courier-react-native: The easiest way to manage push notification tokens and receive push notifications for iOS & Android

  1. If you are sending messages from Courier to your app using the send api, are use sure your user is signed in?

Let me know how it goes? We will be watching this thread