Error 413 Request Entity Too Large when sending a large attachment

Hi all,
I have tried to send an email using Courier /send API with an attachment (base64-encoded), provider SendGrid, the total body size is about 17MB, and I got the error code 413 Request Entity Too Large, with the response body “HTTP content length exceeded 10485760 bytes.”.
Is it a limitation of Courier that I can not send a large request body? Because SendGrid’s max email content is 30MB, I expect to send 30MB to SendGrid via Courier.

Hi @annt1290 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Currently, Courier limits attachment file sizes to be ~5mb. This is a limitation of our send endpoint. I have a feature request open for this update. Just out of curiosity, what is your use case that requires attachments to be over 15mb? Thanks!