Emails are sent but don't reach destination

I’m getting a weird behavior where some emails are ‘sent’ and get a 250 OK response code (as shown in the logs) but they don’t actually reach their destination.
I checked spam etc and nothing showed up.

Any clue what went wrong?

Hi @dlevy :wave:

Thanks for reaching out!

A couple of things:

  • Could you provide a screenshot of your request?
  • What SMTP provider are using? You may be able to gather some more insight from your provider’s dashboard on why this message did not go through.
  • Can you verify that your SMTP provider settings allow event tracking like for “Opened” “Bounced” etc? It could be that these permissions are not set and Courier is not able to retrieve these events from your SMTP provider.

Let me know!


Thanks for the quick response, apparently it was more of a people issue and not a technical issue :laughing:
Everything’s working as expected.
Thanks and have a great week

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