Bulk API problems


We were trying to send a bulk job out today and it failed. ID was 1-61e9dd53-b5bb6c863b7ffbe83ad4b28d, tried to look up the status of it afterwards and got a 404. Pinged in the community channel and was told to move it over here. The notification would have gone out to about 4,000 users but we had to rejigger our script to be single send API calls instead of bulk. LMK what else you need from us.



Hi @bryce,

Thanks for reaching out!

I can take a look from my end and see if I can fetch the status of your bulk job. Would you be so kind to share with me the name of your workspace?


Hey @rodrigo ,

Yup the name of the workspace for us is Cribl and this was production.

@bryce. Alas I came up with the same 404 response as you. Tried using different API keys hoping that perhaps it was sent with a test key instead of prod. Another issue could be that your notification template was not published and could not run the job if you used a production key.

It’s possible the job was never executed since an error should’ve popped up after invoking the job run or when fetching the status for the job. There wasn’t even a pending status when checking.
Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 2.16.44 PM

I’ll check with my delivery pipeline team to see if they encountered anything. Meanwhile, do you have any screenshots or snippets from the response after running the bulk job? Could help in investigating further. Thanks!