Are there limits on concurrent connections on the web client?

I’m not finding anything about limitations regarding the “Courier Push” channel - what are the upper limits where the Courier Push has been tested both in number of users as well as messages per second?

Thank you for anyone who may know

Hey @nicolas, thanks for your question!

We are working on making our benchmarks a bit more transparent. There is a lot of work going into this and the specific values are changing rapidly.

In terms of concurrent connections, our underlying provider (AWS API gateway) does have some hard requirements.

API Gateway doesn’t enforce a quota on concurrent connections. The maximum number of concurrent connections is determined by the rate of new connections per second and maximum connection duration of two hours. For example, with the default quota of 500 new connections per second, if clients connect at the maximum rate over two hours, API Gateway can serve up to 3,600,000 concurrent connections .

It would be great to understand your specific requirements, this would help us give a better directional sense of what is possible or impossible today. I would be happy to discuss this on a different channel if would rather not share this information here. Please feel free to email me any time